Vkusno i tochka

4 floor, №9 on map

    -“Vkusno i tochka” — the leading fast food chain in Russia represented in 62 regions of the Russian Federation.

    The philosophy of “Vkusno i tochka” always remain high standards of service and product safety, care for every customer, and ability to be near anywhere in the country, as well as the use of advanced technologies and best practices for cooking and personnel management.

    “Vkusno i tochka” team cooks burgers, potatoes, starters, desserts for our customers using natural ingredients. A diverse menu, convenient and environmentally friendly package, smiles, fast service, and affordable prices are far from the complete list of reasons why people in Russia choose “Vkusno i tochka”.

    During transformation of the business, “Vkusno i tochka” retained all of its staff of 62,000 people throughout Russia, as well as tens of thousands of employees at the supplier companies.