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The familiar Spanish brand came into existence in 1984. Trendiness, elaborate design, high quality – these are the keys to popularity.

Initially, the brand created clothing for women, an only in 2008 a product line for men – H.E. by Mango – appeared.

Now, this brand produces not only clothing, but perfume, accessories, watches for fast-paced young people.

Accessories are combined in a separate collection – Touch.

All the products have their inimitable charm.

Women’s clothing is designed in such styles as semi-sportive, informal, festive, casual.

The major lines in men’s clothing are:

  • Urban – casual style;
  • Greenforest – clothing for leisure and travel.

The company’s designers closely follow any changes in the global fashion, which allows them to create clothing of different purpose, style, and price range. Fabrics and models also differ depending on the countries where the products are supplied.

Mango customers are active townspeople of the average income.