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Footwear is made at the factories in Italy, Moldova, Russia, as well as at the major production facilities in China under direct supervision of experienced technologists. A professional team is present at the production facility at all times to supervise the footwear manufacturing process, and all the tests are performed in strict compliance with the Russian state standards.

One of the goals of Kapika is to produce footwear that is not only comfortable and nice, but also high-quality and durable. It starts with special focus on the materials as early as the design stage. Kapika footwear design deserves a special mention, since Italian and Russian designers are involved in development of new models, which results in the balanced and delicate style of each collection.

For you and your children:

  •   UDS loyalty programme where you get a 10% cashback for each purchase to use as a discount of up to 50%
  •   15% discounts for large families and low-income families* (upon presentation of the relevant document)
    gift certificates
  •   10% discount for children celebrating their birthday (valid on the birthday, as well as 5 days before and 5 days after the birthday upon presentation of one of the documents: the child’s birth certificate of the parent’s passport)