Jou-Jou dressmaker shop

5 floor, №7 on map

    – Jou-Jou dressmaker shop works for you in the city centre.
    – Clothing repairs of any level of complexity with high quality and on time.
    – Fitting of manufactured clothing.
    – bespoke dressmaking for women using the Italian cutting system to ensure comfortable fit and minimum fit checks.
    – We work with leather, fur, and knitwear.
    – Any minor repairs: shortening of trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses. Replacement of zip fasteners and buttons. Mending. Pocket repairs.
    – Development and cutting of any model based on your sketch or the customer’s wishes. Our cutter can create a perfect dress for you taking into account the individual features of your figure.
    – Our own line of clothing made of quality and premium Italian natural fabrics. We specialize in women’s casual and business clothing.
    – Sewing the models of our model range to your individual measures at the price shown for the model.
    – Fitting of our own products free of charge.
    – 50% rush charge.
    – The employees at our shop work diligently and do their best.