Gerry Weber

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    Gerry Weber — a German brand of clothing, footwear, accessories, and perfumes. The brand was established in 1973 in Germany by Gerhard Weber. The story of Gerry Weber started with a small factory named Hatex KG that sewed women’s pants. In 1986, the company changed it name to Gerry Weber to honour one of its founders – Gerhard Weber. The product range of the company demonstrates the total look format: from overclothing to footwear and accessories. The company also develops other products: jewellery, body care products, and perfumes. The product matrix is divided into several lines: Gerry Weber – the primary line of clothing and accessories. Gerry Weber Shoes – the footwear line. Gerry Weber Bags – the bag line. Gerry Weber Jewellery – the jewellery line. Gerry Weber Eyewear – the sunglasses line. Gerry Weber Edition – the casual clothing line. At present, Gerry Weber brand, together with such brands as Aigner, Taifun, Samoon, Court One, and Yomanis, is owned by a major holding company – Gerry Weber International IG. The retail chain of Gerry Weber is represented in more than 60 countries and includes over 430 stores. Over 20 million items of clothing branded Gerry Weber is sold around the world every year.