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    A women’s and men’s clothing brand from St. Petersburg. Affordability and inclusivity are the values we promote. In particular, they are reflected in the advertising campaigns were we show common guys putting aside the ideology of brand faces and involvement of celebrities.

    Befree – is not just a brand of men’s and women’s clothing.

    We create a community of progressive and creative people around the world, of those who look to the future and boldly change the world, themselves, and those around them.

    Brand values


    Fashion is an important part of our lifestyle and our key competence


    Befree is a brand for everyone. We fit everyone who loves youth fashion – no matter the age, the clothing size, appearance, profession, and hobbies


    We strive to look to the future. We want to be the first to note the global trends and changes and not to miss an opportunity for innovations


    We value people in all the aspects. We establish sincere friendly relations with each other, with our customers, and with the world. We are not afraid of being imperfect and showing our “human” side