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585GOLD chain of jewellery stores was established in St.Petersburg in 2000 and has rightfully been among the leaders in the jewellery market of Russia for 19 years treating its customers to quality gold and silver jewellery, low prices, and ongoing promotion offers!

585GOLD jewellery chain is a honorary member of the Jewellers Guild of Russia: we maintain the traditional quality of Russian gold, which is rightfully regarded as one of the world’s best. That is why our customers love it! The company’s mission is to make gold affordable, and we are successful in it! Today, one in every five jewellery items in Russia is bought in one of our outlets.

The business of 585GOLD is based on the 3 key principles:

  • the customer shall have a choice – that is why we offer the widest of choices!
  • the customer doesn’t like high prices – that is why we offer the lowest ones!
  • the customer likes saving – that is why we always offer lucrative deals!